Welcome to Stirling Coaching

The Business Doctor

'Business Doctor' and Executive Coach Claire Stirling works with Business Owners, Directors and Managers to improve business health.  This may involve exploring strategic options, navigating change, exploring risks, working through options for improved growth and profitability.  

'The most valuable outcome of my series of Coaching with Claire was a clear understanding of some of the potential for, and obstacles to, business growth and better ability to wrangle my staff and partners towards better performance'  MC, Brisbane.

Businesses need to effectively engage their people for best performance.  Claire is skilled in engaging people working in organisations to explore their understanding of the issues, involvement in scoping options, contribution to solutions and ultimate ownership of delivery.  Staff engagement is key for improving business performance and navigating change.

'Claire is really good at elevating your thinking and getting you to look at the bigger picture.  Honing in on the tough (yet critical) questions that need to be answered so you can remain on track and motivated through the messy stuff (the work).'  TE, Gold Coast.